17 Best Fingerprint Logo Designs

The inquiry is what are Fingerprints? These are really human engravings when fingers interacted with the surface. These are the main imprints which can really separate two same looking people and this is something which makes us special and not quite the same as other individuals.

The reality of the matter is that we have examined them in our science or have investigated them in the research center, however today we will witness their utilization in an entire diverse manner, i.e. in the logo outlines particularly intended for an organization’s distinguishing proof.

Fingerprints are these engravings left when our fingers touch a surface. These prints of unpredictable examples are one of the qualities that make us one of a kind from each other. They are for all intents and purposes the most normally utilized thing in deciding a man’s character.

Be that as it may, for now, you’ll see them utilized as a logo outline that recognizes an organization or an association. The following are a portion of the pleasantly planned cool fingerprint logo designs for you to find and appreciate.

A few graphic designers have worked with many gatherings, associations, and organizations in making fingerprints as their logo, and we have ordered them just for you in one available article.

1. PhonePrint

This is a splendid idea of a logo, consolidating a unique mark that symbolized a protected with a telephone. Name is flexible to your need.


2. NilPrints

This is a logo for secure website for users identity. You can get this logo for your projects.



This fingerprint style bee shaped logo design for your client projects.


4. Info Touch

If you are building a information related project so, you can used this logo in your projects.

Info Touch

5. Asun Asyar

This is a very amazing and cool goat shaped fingerprint logo design for your inspiration.

Asun Asyar

6. Print One

Print One is a superb fingerprint logo design idea with a volume effect all the vector. You can used this logo in your website related work.

Print One

7. Business Touch

This is a unique and great logo design for best business company.

Business Touch

8. Spooky Identity

An extraordinary outline that would work incredible in different sorts of efficient an application, blog, diversion, security, data administration, and so on.

Spooky Identity

9. Secure Touch

A heavenly present day logo for organizations that give security and genuine feelings of serenity to its clients.

Secure Touch

10. TouchNatural

The logo is a blend of the letter “N”, a leaf, and a unique finger impression. You can used this logo in nature inspired website design.


11. Dan Killam – Smart Forensics

Dan Killam – Smart Forensics

12. Cleared Path

Cleared Path

13. One Touch Media

One Touch Media

14. Digital

fingerprint logo designs



16. FingerBot – Fingerprint Logo Designs


17. Fruitprint


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